Intelli-StickyNote 1.0

Intelli-StickyNote 1.0: Free sticky note for windows desktop, it is simple,quick and powerfull. Free Sticky-Note for windows desktop. It is simple,quick and powerful. It will help you to save your notes/snippets quickly and easily on your desktop without the need to save manually,it will save data automatically. You can use it with any type of data like text, images and links. It has standard features like copy/cut/paste .... and font/font-size/color ...and non-standard feature like export to a file.

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MyCleanDesktop 2.1.1

MyCleanDesktop is a icon organizer / application launcher program for the windows desktop. MCD allows you to store your desktop shortcuts and files in categorized mini-desktops that are accessible with a mouse click and close automatically. MCD also includes several other handy features such as a calendar, stickynote like notes, mp3 player with playlist editor, and system monitors.

organize, clock, icon manager, notes, desktop, launcher, calendar

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